CTAA CTPA/CCTM Certification Training

For many years, CTAA (of which every state department of transportation are currently members) has dedicated much of its efforts to building the professional capacity of local transit managers and key personnel.

CTAA’s newest certification program is designed exclusively for state agency personnel responsible for public and community transportation programs. The Certified Transit Programs Administrator program, or CTPA, was developed by our staff under the guidance of a select group of state transit agency employees, and is a cooperative venture of CTAA and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

What is Certification?

Certification is a process whereby an individual is evaluated in order to determine their mastery of a specific body of knowledge

Professional certification provides personal satisfaction for attaining a recognized level of achievement within one’s profession. It means commitment to the requirements of the job and participation in additional training to exemplify the dedication to do the best possible job in the community transportation field. Certification means success.

The objective of CTAA’s certification program is to:

  1. Raise the standards of the profession
  2. Reward individuals who have obtained expertise
  3. Increase chances for professional mobility
  4. Reduce uncertainties in staff selection
  5. Help assure organizational goal attainment
  6. Improve the provision of transit services
  7. Encourage self-improvement

The three requirements for certification are:

  • experience,
  • education and professional development, and
  • a passing score on a written examination.

Please choose the certification you wish to attain and submit your application as soon as possible, but no later than close of business on Thursday February 23rd, 2023.

Attendee registration below is still required in addition to completing one fo the forms above.


What recognition will I receive for becoming certified?

Besides the personal satisfaction of achieving certification, each individual will receive a certificate acknowledging the successful completion of the certification requirements. When certified individuals present programs or instruct workshops at CTAA-sponsored events, their certification status will be recognized. Your certification status will be shared with the membership of CTAA through periodic listings in CT magazine. CTAA will verify your certification with prospective employers when you request it.

In addition, the administrator’s name, certification status, and pertinent data will be included in a “Register of Certified Transit Programs Administrators” roster, published once a year, and available upon request to individuals responsible for recruiting professional talent in the community transportation field.

Payment Policy – Updated 2/15/23
The Transportation Technology Transfer Service now accepts Electronic Check (ACH) payments in addition to credit card payments. While credit card payments are still the preferred payment method, you now have the electronic check(ACH) option. Your payment must be received within 5 business days of your registration. If your registration payment is not received by then, you will not be guaranteed registration for the conference. Walk-ons will be accepted with full payment made on-site.

UPDATED Cancellation Policy
If you cancel your registration more than 5 days before the conference, your registration fee will be refunded, less a $35 processing fee. If you do not cancel before the 5 day deadline your registration fee will not be refunded. You may send a substitute in your place, provided that you inform us of the substitute’s name no later than 24 hours before the conference. No-shows will not have their registration fee refunded.

Customer Service
If you have conference registration questions please contact Allison Collins at akc4@clemson.edu or 864-656-4183.