2023 Employee/Team-of-the-Year Excellence Award

The Transportation Association of South Carolina (TASC) is selecting and honoring individuals and teams for their work with transportation organizations in South Carolina. Winners will be announced at this year’s TASC Awards Luncheon on Friday, March 3, 2023 highlighting each winner’s accomplishments throughout the year. Each winner will be selected on the basis of outstanding work achievements or contributions to mobile infrastructure within our state.

Award Guidelines
Individual Award
1. Nominee must be associated with a transportation organization for a minimum of one year
2. Nominees must be in good standing as an employee of the organization
3. Nominees did not receive the award the preceding year.
Team Awards
1. Teams may consist of any transportation organization employees, including interns, full-time, part-time and contract employees.
2. Team members may be from other private or governmental areas as long as majority of the team is affiliated with the transportation organization.
3. Team project must be a transportation initiative.
Awards Criteria
Winners are selected on their achievement through the following: special acts, significant or accomplishments or contributions to the transportation organization with particular emphasis in support mobile infrastructure efforts in South Carolina; improvements in programs, procedures or work methods that positively impacted employee morale and welfare; and/or works that enhance or improve community relations.
Nomination Procedures
1. Each employee in a dues paying transportation organization has the opportunity to nominate one or more eligible persons from any department or board with their organization. (Multiple nominations for an individual/team does not enhance the chances of receiving an award.)
2. Completed nomination form(s) must be turned into the office of primary responsibility as indicated on the nomination form; late nominations will not be accepted.
Nomination Packages
1. Completed nomination form
a. Nominee name, position, department/unit, email and office phone number
b. Nominator name, position, department/unit, email and office phone number
c. Nominee’s Direct Supervisor name, position, department/unit, email and office phone number.
d. Reason for Nomination
All nominations must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 23, 2023.