FY2020 TASC Board of Directors

Transit Members

Holly Brown, CAT Bus
Michael Burgess, Williamsburg County Transit
Vacant, York County Council on Aging
Lisa Firmender, Generations Unlimited


James Keel, Greenlink
Brian Piascik, Waccamaw RTA D/B/A The Coast RTA
Keith Scott, City of Anderson
Lynn Stockman, Newberry County Council on Aging

Non-Public Specialized Members

Andrew Boozer, Senior Resources Inc
Jenny Swofford, Calhoun County Council on Aging


Thoyd Warren, Babcock Center

Government Members

Sharon Hollis, Berkeley Charleston Dorchester COG


Rhonda Mitchell, Lower Savannah COG

Business Members

Jorge Luna, HDR


Barnie Smith, Palmetto Bus Sales

Affiliate Members

Katerina Moreland, Clemson University


At-Large Members

David Bonner, TransDev


Don Strickland, Pee Dee RTA