Policy Committee

James Keel, Chair


James Keel
Brian Piascik
Ron Mitchum
Andrew Boozer
Lynn Stockman
Kayleigh Cleek


  • Legislative Agenda (+ other tax options to fund transit)
    • Amend 4-37-30 to include mass transit definition
    • Find transit champions – outside transit
    • Involve Legislators (i.e. Speakers Bureau, Town Hall Meetings, TASC Board Retreat etc.)
    • Pass Legislation to Protect Bus Operators
  • Scope and Analyze the State Transit Financial Assessment (STFA)
  • Participate in the SCDOT Funding Task Force – What federal funds are not fully utilized in their original purpose.
  • Support Medicaid Reform

Human Service Subcommittee

Andrew Boozer, Chair
Lynn Stockman
Thoyd Warren
Angi Connor


  • Coming soon!

Conference Committee

Jorge Luna, Chair


Annual Conference

Jorge Luna – Chair
Barnie Smith
Ericka Hill
Jeff Burns
Lauren Morris
Mary Lou Franzoni


  • Host the SC’s premier training conference that will include direct interaction with the State Legislature.
  • Engage the membership in peer-to-peer learning


Curtis Sims – Chair
Jasmin Curtis
Rosalyn Andrews
Zenobia Corley
Rene Kelly
Ryan Way


  • Offer training and support to meet the needs of members
  • Coordinate and communicate training opportunities offered by other partners and agencies


Don Strickland – Chair
Artavius McClain
Curtis Sims
Casper Allison
Doug Herriott
Tavorous Collins
Sandy Jenkins


  • Host an efficient and professional competition for drivers
  • Foster an environment of group learning to improve best practices among drivers and maintenance teams.

Early Engagement Events

Kat Moreland
Brian Piascik


  • Establish the “Faces of Transit in South Carolina” campaign
  • Verbalize and recognize the successes agencies across the state
  • Establish regional and statewide transit visions

Outreach Committee

Kat Moreland, Chair

Membership Subcommittee

Arlene Prince – Chair
Tanisha Gibbons


  • Enumerate what the value of TASC is and why organizations should join.
  • Engage current members at all levels of the organization
  • Recruit inactive and non-members to the organization

Nominating Subcommittee

Shaun Gaines – Chair
Kat Moreland
Diana White
Tanisha Gibbons


  • Facilitate the Board of Directors nominations and elections process beginning in January 2023
  • Select the annual TASC Awards of Excellence
  • Recognize the Distinguished Service Award winners

Social Media Subcommittee

Vacant – Chair
Karla Lynch
Nicole McAden
Lauren Morris
Carrie Deaton


  • To support TASC member agencies in the development of content for adaptation by their agency.
  • To engage legislatures by providing members with talking points and examples of success throughout the state
  • Recognize sponsors and their importance to TASC and the industry

Finance Committee

Lynn Stockman, Chair


Lynn Stockman
Diana White
Don Strickland
Shaun Gaines
Thoyd Warren


  • Roadmap to how to get to a funding level to support TASC needs/improvements
  • Establish Budget