Benefits of Joining TASC Today!

  • New Employee engagement in topic forums including Operations, Maintenance, Safety, Finance, Planning and Grants. These forums will allow for statewide discussion of concerns, pain points, and collective learning. It also facilitates stronger relationships and mentorships for staff throughout your organization. Register your employees here.
  • Free enrollment in product webinars. As needs arise to identify suppliers for particular products, TASC can coordinate with vendors to host a webinar series to showcase available products. This allows for efficient product demonstrations, reduced research time, and more direct communications with vendor service reps for our area. An example of such series was the “Driver Protection Barrier” series we hosted in May. If you have needs for future series, please submit your request to
  • Access to statewide transit statistics and resources. Talking with elected officials at the county, city, and statewide levels about the importance of transit is essential in securing support and funding for any initiative. That conversation can be made easier with infographics and updated statistics. With your membership, you will be able to download a number of supportive documents to help you provide accurate and eye-catching information. TASC’s marketing interns can also assist in personalizing the presented information to your local community to increase its effect.
  • Free access to the TASC driver training trailer. Established in 2020, the driver training trailer contains everything you need to host a roadeo event to assist in driver evaluation and training.
  • Discounted rate to the 2022 Annual Training Event, Expo and Bus Roadeo. The event will be held again in Hilton Head at the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort on March 3-6, 2022. Our 2020 conference in Hilton Head was one of our most successful to date. Our goal is to make next year’s conference even better! Additional event options are being explored in the event we cannot meet face to face as a large group.
  • Provide educational public transportation conferences, workshops and seminars for members and non-members such as policy makers, transportation professionals, business and community leaders. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @transit_tasc for latest webinar offerings.
  • Inform members with useful and relevant public transportation information through channels such as e-mail, social media and the TASC website.
  • Provide conference scholarship opportunity to local college students that are pursuing their education in a transit related field.

Membership Type

Transit System Member Person, firm, or corporations, trustees, or receivers, municipal or other governmental agencies,
operating any form of organized public transit system within the boundaries of SC with an
annual operations & maintenance budget less than $500,000.

For every additional $1M, or portion there of, in budget exceeding $499,999, dues increase by $100 (Not to exceed dues of $1000).

Example: $5,000,000 budget = $750 dues

Business Member Organizations engaged in supplying goods and services, professional consultation services,
publishing periodicals, and organizations engaged in providing transportation services for profit. This rate is reflective of business members who exhibit at the Annual Conference. A reduced rate is available for non-exhibiting business members.

DBE organizations will receive a $200 discount for a business member. DBE organizations must be approved by SCDOT DBE Certification program and provide certificate of proof. Please email us for more information and your discount code.

Non-Public Specialized Any public or private entity that performs human service transportation but does not provide any public transportation. $200
Affiliate/Government Member Associated railroads, public interest groups, legislative representatives, publishers, and
educational institutions. Government agencies (local & regional) that have the responsibility for
the planning and/or development of agencies, which are primarily responsible for operating
transit systems.
Associate Member Students, retirees and individuals not representing any specific agency or advocacy group. $50



Membership Year FY23 (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023)

If you have any questions regarding registration or to submit your DBE certification please email Shae Robinson at

Statement Regarding Tax Exempt Status and Deductibility of Dues/Contributions

The Transportation Association of South Carolina (TASC) is a non-profit organization that promotes public transportation in South Carolina. TASC fosters common policies, requirements and educational efforts regarding public transportation. TASC offers technical support and training to its members by hosting seminars and an annual conference and trade show. The organization is committed to expanding and enhancing public transportation services throughout the state and advocates for transit-friendly legislation.

TASC is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(6) organization. The Internal Revenue Service has notified TASC that contributions to TASC are not deductible as charitable contributions under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, TASC has been advised that, notwithstanding that other amounts (rather than membership dues) are used to pay lobbying expenses, Section 6033(e) of the Internal Revenue Code requires lobbying expenses to be allocated first to dues and that the dues paid to TASC are not deductible as business expenses under Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributors should be advised that their contributions and/or dues to TASC are NOT deductible.