About Us

Who Is The Transportation Association of South Carolina? 

The Transportation Association of South Carolina (TASC) is a nonprofit organization that promotes public transportation in South Carolina.  Its members include public service transportation providers, human services agencies providing specialized transportation services to seniors and persons with disabilities and special needs, government agencies, private transportation providers, educational institutions, and for-profit vendors that serve the transportation industry.

What is the Mission of TASC?

TASC has been organized to act as a force in the State of South Carolina to foster common policies, requirements, and educational efforts concerned with public transportation.  The organization is committed to expanding and enhancing public transportation services throughout the state.  TASC:
  • Serves as an advocate for public and human service transportation by representing the interest, policies, requirements, and purposes of public transit and human service operators throughout the state.
  • Educates and increases public awareness of the benefits of expanded public transportation services throughout South Carolina, including advocating for transit-friendly legislation.
  • Provides a forum among its members for the exchange of best practices, discussions, and study of public transportation opportunities.  Aids members in addressing special issues pertaining to public and human service transportation.
  • Offers technical support/training to its members by hosting seminars, an annual conference & trade show.
  • Works to enhance improvements and coordination within the public transportation industry.

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